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Screedboard 20

ScreedBoard 20 dry screed boards enable underfloor heating systems to work at their most effective. Featuring the lowest thermal resistance when compared to the most commonly used floor finishes, the boards allow ground water heat pumps and heat recovery systems to work at their most efficient. In addition, ScreedBoard 20 floorboards accept ceramic tiles, feature easy to install interlocking edges, and don’t contract or expand when exposed to water.

Product Details
  • Only 20mm thick dry screed board
  • High thermal performance: 4 x lower thermal resistance than chipboard
  • High acoustic performance – Robust detail E-FT-5 & E-FT-6 compliant
  • Easy to cut and install, can be cut with a hand or skill saw
  • Interlocking edges – no need for screws
  • Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens – accepts ceramic tiles directly when primed
ScreedBoard Ticks All The Boxes
  • Acoustics – Excellent impact and airborne performance
  • Under floor heating
  • No screws required
  • Accepts a multitude of floor finishes
Fully Compatible With
  • Wooden laminate flooring
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Amtico vinyl flooring
  • Carpet
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