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About Cellecta


Andrew Fry employed by Belgium based Isofoam SA to establish a network of UK and Irish distributors to wholesale their range of ISOFOAM & GEMAFONbranded insulation products.

Working from a small 8’ x 4’ office built in the corner of his lodger’s bedroom, Andrew designs a collection of English technical brochures to support the company’s range of products.


Moved to a managed 300sqf office suite in Sutton. UK staff increased to 3.


Company changes its name to Sirap Gema International.


Moved to 5400sqf distribution warehouse and technical office in Maidstone, Kent. Staff increased to 4.

March 2001

Sirap Gema International announces the closure of their Belgium factory, along with all their Northern European offices and distribution warehouses, including the UK operation.

August 2001

Andrew Fry, Mark Reece and Paul Murphy purchase the UK and Irish goodwill from Sirap Gema International. Cellecta brand introduced with the company initially promoted as Sirap Gema Cellecta to ensure minimal disruption to consumers. A second warehouse is added to increasing factory to 10800 sqf.  Produce cavity closers and TETRiS insulation blocks commences in house.

April 2002

Company primary brand names changed to Trademarks owned YELOFOAM X and YELOFOAM PE.


Company starts introducing a range of acoustic products to comply with changes to Part E of the Building Regulations.


FIBREfon range of 100% recycled acoustic treatments added to portfolio. YELOFOAM PE brand name changed to YELOfon to bring in line with “fon” acoustic branding


YELOfon HD10+ under screed resilient layer System gains Robust detail status – E-FC-5


Company moves production and warehousing to 29000sqf Rochester factory and establishes dedicated sales and technical office in Hengoed, South Wales. DECKfon range of open cell, recycled acoustic treatments added to range.


Exclusive supply agreement signed for interlocking calcium sulphate sheets, sold under the Cellecta owed ScreedBoard Trademark.


HiGYP acoustic wall linings added to range. ScreedBoard28 gains Robust detail status – E-FT-5 for I-joist timber floors.


Marketing and R&D office established in Poole, Dorset. ScreedBoard 28 gains Robust detail status – E-FT-6 for metal-web joist floors.


Cellecta becomes the first UK insulation company to introduce an App, providing technical information and installation videos. Company adopts ISO9001 management system. YELOFOAMbrand name changed to HEXATHERMto compliment the products third party accreditation status.


ScreedBoard 28 gains Robust detail status – E-FS-3 for metal joist floors. YELOfonHD10+ System with ULTRA ceiling gains Robust detail status – E-FC-17.

Staff increased to 36.

Sales top £15 million.


Cellecta continues to invest and expand its offering of environmentally friendly insulation and associated products.

Cellecta is one of the UK’s largest producers of environmentally friendly high performance thermal & acoustic insulation products. Our products have been supplied to all sectors of the construction industry including: house builders, building contractors, ground workers, screeders, roofers and dry liners.

Our team of experienced staff are able to offer unrivalled customer support, from assistance in selecting the most suitable product that satisfies current legislation to arranging delivery of the right materials direct to site on time.

Whether you are starting a new project or refurbishing an existing building, Cellecta manufacture an established range of acoustic and thermal solutions to provide the end user with complete satisfaction.

Contact us if you require guidance on how to comply with current Building Regulations, need a U-Value, condensation risk or imposed load calculation, written specification, detailed fixing instructions, advice on the CODE for sustainable homes, or would like to arrange an appointment with one our experienced technical consultants.